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Lord Shiva as Kailashnath

A majestic Kailashnath, facing south, in a standing posture has been consecrated on a pedestal. Kailashnath faces south to contain the fear of death (Yama Bhayam).


The dignified Nandi (sacred bull), gate keeper and vahana (vehicle) of Lord Shiva generally faces the Lord, but here at Sree Ramarajya, Nandi faces the south along with his master, Kailashnath.

Nandi with his wide ears and distinct hump is ready to help people conquer their fear of death along with Kailashnath.

Kala Bhairavar

Kala Bhairavar is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva, overseeing the march of time. He is associated with the annihilation of evil and is the guru of Lord Shani. His vehicle is dog and he is a punisher of sinners. The installation of Kala Bhairavar was conducted on Saturday on Amavasya (New Moon) day.

All 3 deities face south to protect the world and the manifestation of Kali Yuga with its dangerous diseases, extreme climatic conditions, and other troubles.

Kailashnath, Nandi, and Kala Bhairavar are in a straight line of vision and a ceremonious spectacle to behold.


One thousand and seven (1,007) divine lingams carved on a single lingam is a sight to behold. A fascinating Nagabaranam (a brass hood of snakes) engulfs the lord. The Dhara or large pot above the Sahasra Lingam gently anoints it with droplets of water sourced from the holy Ganga, Mansarovar, Talacauvery and other holy rivers of India. As the water drops softly, a constant worship unfolds.

Sahasra is enlightenment and the 1008 lingams are power centers of divine presence meticulously carved. Praying here leaves us speechless with the feeling of the sublime.

Guhai Namashivaya (A Cave for Meditation)

A canopy of trees and a waterfall awaits your approach to the cave. A Siddhi Buddhi Vinayaka (spiritual and intellectual power) greets us at the entrance. Walk inside and behold Lord Namashiva with Nandi the bull in front of him.

A spacious cave allows us to shut out the outside world and meditate on the divine within you.


Majestic Looking Kailashnath
Nandi and Kala Bhairavar
Sahasra Lingam (1,008 Lingams)
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What makes Sree Ramarajya most unique is that “no donation or fee of any kind is accepted”. Whether it is carrying the Palanquin, drawing the Silver Chariot, participating in the monthly Thiruvonam Laksha Deepam event, or any other pooja, everything is free of cost.