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Athi Varadhar

No Longer a Wait for Another 40 Years! Athi Varadhar’s darshan is now available 365 days of each year.

A temple for Athi Varadhar has been consecrated for us to obtain His Grace and Blessings every day.

The idol of Athi Varadhar is 9 ft tall, specially carved from a single fig (athi) tree.

The temple took shape in a record feat of few months in a spacious locale, an open and unconventional amalgam of modern yet traditional structure.

The temple also has Lord Balaji at the rear in His entire splendor. A twin structure next to it has a temple for Shirdi Sai Baba and Athi Vinayaka. Athi Vinayaka in a standing posture which is rare in Tamil Nadu (also carved out of a fig tree) catches you with a surprise as He captivates your heart with an impish smile.

Temple Sanctification and Divine Presence

After the idol was carved, the Lord was taken to Kancheepuram for special pooja along with Lord Varadaraja Perumal. Post completion of the pooja and upon return, the Lord was immersed in traditional oils for a period of 90 days before consecration.

Athi Varadhar was consecrated on the auspicious day of Panguni Uthram on April 6, 2020, amidst chanting of the Vedas.

The divine presence of 3 Garudas above the temple premises during consecration provided ample evidence of the presence and blessings of Lord Athi Varadhar.


Muthangi Sevai (Pearl Decoration) of Athi Varadhar with Mahalakshmi in the Foreground
Contact Details and Hours

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No Donation. No Fee.

What makes Sree Ramarajya most unique is that “no donation or fee of any kind is accepted”. Whether it is carrying the Palanquin, drawing the Silver Chariot, participating in the monthly Thiruvonam Laksha Deepam event, or any other pooja, everything is free of cost.